5 Easy Tips For The Perfect Shaving Routine

Oct 295 min read

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  • Always use a clean, sharp razor
  • Exfoliate before shaving to avoid dead skin cells getting trapped in your razor
  • Wet your skin with warm water to soften your hair and skin to avoid nicks
  • Apply a shaving oil in lieu of shaving cream.
  • Rinse the blade after each swipe of the razor

We know that shaving can be one of the most tedious parts of any bath routine. Ingrown hairs, bumps, and cuts are all common parts of a shaving routine that can lead to discomfort or just straight up ruin your outfit plans— and day for that matter. (Who wants to wear a sundress with bandaids covering half their legs?) We've formulated products the not only make your daily shower feel like a spa experience but also aid in your shaving routine! If smooth, hairless skin is your forte, our easy-to-follow guide will completely change your outlook on shaving from a hazardous chore to another reason to another reason to wear your favorite shorts!

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Lookin' Sharp!

There is no shortage of razors on the shelves these days, but you don't need pricey tools for the closest shave. In fact, shaving preparation and technique can give you a comfortable, bikini-ready shave every time!

It might sound obvious, but the most significant requirement of shaving is a clean, sharp razor. Emphasis on the CLEAN... C'mom, how many of us have let a rusty, old razor sit in our shower for way too long before replacing it or changing the blade? Yea. Us too! Sharp and rust-free razors will always give you the closest shave possible, sans nicks and cuts.

Splash, Splash!

When it comes to prep work, wetting your skin with warm water is critical because you need to soften your hair and skin. Plus, it helps open up the pores, making it easier to shave.

The best time to shave is right after a shower and right before bed! After a shower, your skin will be warm, moist, and free of excess dirt and dead skin cells that can clog up your razor. Shaving before bed can actually leave your legs smoother because your legs swell as you sleep, making your hair retreat back into its follicles.

Pro Tip: Try using a moisturizer on your legs before bed to hydrate the skin as you sleep, so you'll wake up even more smooth than you initially shaved!

Slough Off That Dead Skin

As we mentioned before, dead skin cells can get trapped in your razor. So you may feel inclined to do a little scrub down before to help slough off the dead skin. In fact, we recommend it! Exfoliating beforehand essentially creates a clean, even canvas for removing hair and can help avoid razor bumps and irritation.

Lather Up

I don't know about you, but I despise shaving cream. The tall can takes up a ton of room in my shower, and it always feels like such a waste, to rinse the heaps of shaving cream off my razor after I shave. Anyone else?

It may be tempting to just reach for your body wash in place of using nothing at all, but body washes can actually be drying to the skin, depending on the ingredients. If the area you’re shaving is not well-hydrated and lathered up, the hair will be more difficult to shave, increasing the chances of irritating your skin. Shaving dry hair can also dull your blade faster.

Shaving can be a drag, so if you’re going to do it, let’s put in a tiny bit of effort and use a product formulated specifically for shaving, like our Washed Up All In One Shower Oil. This luxurious oil hydrates the skin and helps the razor blade glide more easily across your skin. Plus, it’s low-foaming, so your razor won’t get clogged up with mountains of shaving creme.

Pick a Direction

Some experts say the closest shave comes from strokes with the direction the hair grows in, while others argue the opposite. We'll let the beauty editors hash this one out in the comments, but we subscribe to the school of thought, that the best decision for you, is the one you're most comfortable with. Whichever direction you decide is best, we do suggest taking long, and light strokes. In fact, you do not have to press hard on your razor when shaving. (If you do, it is definitely time for a new blade, huh.)

Pro Tip: We’re all about slowing things down, and shaving is no exception. Take your time when shaving around bonier areas, like the ankles and knees, to avoid accidentally getting nicked. 

Rinse Your Razor

Fanatical as it may seem, we suggest you rinse the blade in hot water after every swipe of the razor. This will prevent the blade from coming into contact with bacteria and reduce the likelihood of razor burn.

If you notice some hairs or skin particles are still stuck in the razor, you can tap the blade on a towel (or my personal favorite, the shower wall) to get those suckers out! It probably goes without saying, but I’m going to tell it anyway, please don’t use your fingers to clean the blade.

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