A Quick Beginner's Guide To How To Exfoliate Your Lips

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  • It is important to exfoliate your lips because it keeps the delicate skin on the lips smooth and healthy.
  • When exfoliating, go easy, be gentle, and know when to stop
  • Apply the scrub in a circular motion and rinse with warm water

Kardashian-Jenner clan aside– pretty lips are an asset that seemingly everyone wants to have. Not only are they functional for the purpose of eating, kissing, and speaking, but they are also quite delicate and require gentle care. The skin is thinner on the lips, so it is more vulnerable to damage and peeling. In winter, the problem of dry lips can be severe because of cold air, and low moisture levels. 

Now by now you probably know that Tropic Labs has one of the best Body Scrubs because it works both chemically and physically to keep your skin smooth and supple. But to keep your pout soft and beautiful all year round, it's important to exfoliate, moisturize, and protect them against harsh weather- be it dry in the winter or cracked in the summer. Here are our curated tips for beautiful lips!

A Quick Beginner's Guide To How To Exfoliate Your Lips

In our youth, our lips have a thin layer of skin that is very sensitive and smooth. But as we age, the skin on the lips becomes thicker and coarser, which will make the lips appear less defined. This is why many recommend exfoliating your lips regularly to make them appear plumper and smoother.

The best way to exfoliate your lips is to use a gentle lip scrub. Scrubs that contain natural ingredients like coconut oil and gritty textures will not only exfoliate the lips and remove the dead skin cells on the surface, but moisturize and hydrate the lips to keep their plumo. To get the best results, use a lip scrub at least once a week. Apply the scrub in a circular motion and avoid rubbing too hard. Then, gently rinse and towel dry your lips before applying a silky lip balm.

Tips to exfoliate your lips correctly

1 - Go easy and be gentle

When you exfoliate your skin, the layer of dead skin is removed, and your skin is left with a layer of new skin. As previously mentioned, you must be gentle when scrubbing the lips, as not to cause irritation. If you rub too hard or too much, you can damage your skin, causing small cuts and causing the outer layer of skin to become rougher.

2 - Know when to stop

Use a lip scrub for about a week or two and see if your lips appear smoother. If not, stop using it. You may be using it too often, and you run the risk of becoming immune to it. Just like anything in skincare, trial and error work best. If you notice irritation, stop and try something new.

4 - Apply the scrub in a circular motion

You should scrub your lips using a circular motion. This will ensure that you really exfoliate the lips and won't miss a spot. The circular motion ensures that proper blood flow returns to your lips and new fresh skin cells can develop.

5 - Rinse with warm water

Once you're done scrubbing, rinse your lips with warm water. This will remove dirt, oils, and dead skin cells from the lips.

6 - Use the right product

To get the best results, use a lip scrub that has natural ingredients. You should avoid using products with a high alcohol content because these can be too drying.

Don’t have a scrub handy? DIY to the rescue! Mix some Washed Up Shower Oil with a teaspoon of sugar in your palms to make a gritty paste. Apply this over your lips and leave it on for a few seconds before rinsing. The 


It is important to exfoliate your lips because it keeps the delicate skin on the lips smooth and healthy. You should exfoliate your lips at least once a week in order to get the best results. If you follow these tips, you won't risk harming your lips. But always remember to do a patch test first if you're concerned about allergies. Also, using the right type of lip exfoliation products will go a long way in making sure that your lips will always be smooth and soft. 

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