Summertime Skincare Myths You Should Know

Jul 153 min read

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  • Don't rely on SPF moisturizers alone
  • Dark skin tones still need sunscreen
  • The shade and clothing alone aren't enough to protect you
  • You can't reverse long-term sun damage

Even though the sun is ingrained in summertime fun, it's not so nice for your skin. In fact, sun damage is responsible for the premature aging and wrinkles we see on our faces and bodies from overexposure. However, many notions and myths about the sun persist, preventing people from protecting themselves and their skin. Here are some summer skincare myths that we will debunk:

Those with Darker Complexion Don't Need A Lot of Sun Protection

It's true that melanin, the pigment that gives skin its natural color, protects against the sun's harmful rays, but it's not strong enough to keep the skin completely safe. So even if you have a dark complexion, it's still important to wear sun protection on your skin.

You Only Need a Moisturizer with Sun Protection & You're Good to Go

While moisturizers packed with SPF do help protect your skin, they're not enough if you're spending hours under the sun. To help your skin stay safe from the sun, you have to also wear sunscreen on top of the moisturizer.

You're Protected from the Sun if You're Underneath the Shade

Though it's true that the sun's rays are stronger under the sun, it's possible to get sunburned during the day even if you're staying under the shade. The sun's rays can travel through the clouds and still reach your skin.

You Don't Need Sun Protection for Your Body Because You're Wearing Clothes

While clothes can protect your skin from sunburn, you shouldn't deny your skin the SPF protection it needs. There's still a chance that you'll get sun burnt, even if you're wearing clothing that covers your skin.

The Sun Damage is Fixable with the Right Anti-Aging Cream

Unfortunately, sun damage is not easily reversible, and no cream can really help you get rid of it. In order to prevent your skin from getting any damage, it's best that you apply sunscreen every time you're exposed to the sun. It's also important to wear clothes that cover your skin, especially when you're going out in the summer.

The Bottomline

The summer is thankfully here, but it's important that we all protect our skin from the sun. It's still important to remember to wear sunscreen under your makeup and moisturize with a moisturizer that has SPF, even if you're not outside for a long time. 

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