The Ultimate Guide To Reusing Your Empty Candle Containers

Nov 192 min read

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Your favorite beaker candle is nearing the end of its life and all of its tropical-fragranced soy wax has vaporized over countless evenings of cozy enjoyment. It seems like a pity to throw away such a beautiful container, but don’t fret, there are plenty of great ways to reuse your empty candle containers, just as sure as you’ve cleaned out the glass itself.

 By simply, cleaning out your used candle container and giving it a new purpose, you are taking an active role in helping the environment. Recycling or up-cycling your candle container can significantly reduce landfill waste. Here are some of our favorite ways to give your candle holders a new life, before opting to recycle it, (if that is, your city accepts glass as a recycled material.)


Our candle containers are a perfect size for storing cosmetic brushes, eyeliners, and lip pencils. (Things that sometimes don’t necessarily fit in a traditional makeup organizer, or take up too much space in a cosmetic bag.) If you’re a hostess-with-the-mostess, you can even take it a step further and display your beaker container full of cotton swabs, tampons, or disposable floss picks, on the bathroom counter for your guests to use as they please.


We love to see fabulous desk decor and organization that looks like it was done by Marie Kondo herself! After all, a clear space, means a clear mind… or at least we’ll just keep telling ourselves that. Glass candle jars like the beaker make pretty cups to hold your pens and pencils or even store push pins, paperclips, and rubber bands! 


We know nothing beats the scent of our Coconut Water Orchid candle, but the next best thing might just be some freshly cut flowers. Trim the stems down so they fit inside the beaker container, and fill it up about halfway with water, to keep your flowers fresh for days.

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