Product Spotlight High Tide In-Shower Moisturizer: Why You Need a Wet Skin Body Lotion

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  • Here’s the thing: Your skin’s best at absorbing moisture when it’s wet — aka straight out of the shower or bath. 
  • High Tide wet skin body lotion works with the water on your skin, which means there is more room to pack the bottle full of nutrients that hug your body in moisture!
  • Apply, pat dry, and go! It's that simple.

Taking a shower is pretty much a part of daily life, right? Sure, but depending on the amount of time we allow to ourselves, our showers can look very different. We at Tropic Labs will be the first to admit that sometimes, we take quick 5-minute showers to rinse off the smell of our own BO because, frankly, we just can’t take it anymore! (Gross, I know, but we’ve all been there before. Where you just have a million priorities and self-care isn’t one of them.) Other times, we do THE MOST in the shower complete with a full-body shave, hair mask, and live karaoke session, resulting in us stepping out over an hour later, feeling like a whole new person! Both types of showers are equally crucial to our human experience. Still, we thought it was time to marry the two occasions and create a product that is just as opulent as it is fast-acting. Hide Tide In-Shower Moisturizer is for the person who splurges on guac, despite it being extra, but also uses an ungodly amount of dry shampoo on days she (or he) can’t be bothered to wash her (or his) hair. 

Features & Benefits

Now, moisturizing IN the shower might be a new concept for you, and you might even feel a little silly standing there soaking wet, applying your moisturizer. But we promise you a lavish shower experience that elevates an ordinary shower to a luxurious sensorial escape. Plus, deep hydration, like never before! 

Here’s the thing: Your skin’s best at absorbing moisture when it’s wet — aka straight out of the shower or bath. 

Using High Tide immediately after a shower quickly traps those tiny water particles on the surface and absorbs them into your skin, providing you with all-day hydration! You can just apply, towel dry, and dress right away, making your post-shower routine that much quicker. (Can we get an AMEN?!)

“I don’t know about you, but I get super impatient waiting for my skin to dry after applying lotion straight out of the shower. I’m always in a rush and finding a way to save time in my shower routine is a massive benefit.”

We aren’t necessarily encouraging it, but once you try this stuff, you’ll literally want to fill a bathtub and bathe in it. (If you do decide to do this, let us know and we’ll give you a coupon code.) As if the delicious coconut orchid scent wasn’t reason enough to douse your entire body in this in-shower moisturizer, the lightweight texture is not sticky or greasy feeling.

You can thank the rich, natural ingredients for this.


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Passion Fruit Oil

Creamy-soft and super hydrating, our luxurious formula is enriched with nourishing passion fruit oil to smooth and refine your skin’s texture. This tropical oil’s high vitamin A content helps to reduce the appearance of fine lines and helps firmness.

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Up next, we have inulin. Derived from chicory root, inulin is another powerful, clinically proven hydrator that acts immediately to protect the skin barrier and enhance elasticity and firmness, all while protecting and regenerating your skin’s barrier.

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Add plant-derived glycerin, a natural humectant, and conditioner; you’ve got a combination product that perfectly pampers your skin and leaves it bouncy and supple. It also protects your skin from harmful environmental aggressors like sunlight and pollution. Plus, it treats several skin issues, from dry skin to wounds.

The best ingredient isn’t actually in the product at all! High Tide works with the water on your skin, which means there is more room to pack the bottle full of nutrients that hug your body in moisture!

How to use: 

Ready to add High Tide wet skin body lotion into your body care routine?

Simply turn off your shower, apply the lotion all over then pat to dry. It’s as simple as that. There is no need to rinse or rub it off. ​​

Whether it’s about starting your day, setting a mood, doing a reset, or checking in with your body, we’re crazy about our showers and believe it’s also the perfect time to pamper your skin with High Tide In-Shower Moisturizer.

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