Don’t Give Up On Your Tan: A Tropic Labs Home-Quarantine Ritual

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With mandatory lock-down and self-isolation already in place (or on the horizon) for most of us - it can be daunting the think of what you might make of yourselves during these times of confinement. Most psychologists agree that having a routine and prioritizing physical and mental health is crucial to thriving during periods of isolation and social distancing.


Here’s how we suggest using Tropic Labs products for maximum results during home-quarantine:


1. Start with a clean slate.

It’s been a cold and dreary winter for most of us, so it’s normal to have a build-up of dry, flakey skin. Rather than waste money hydrating skin cells that are long gone (and frankly, never coming back!), do yourself a favor and start your self-care regime with a good ol’ fashioned scrub down. There are many different ways you can exfoliate, you can use a brush or a mitt, use store-bought scrubs or you can even make your own at home… whatever you decide to do, we recommend giving yourself a full-body exfoliation once weekly to maintain healthy, smooth and radiant skin.


2. Use Base Tan every single day.

Whether you shower in the morning or in the evening (or at all! no judgment here!), Base Tan is most effective when applied to clean, dry skin. This lusciously yummy banana-scented lotion contains Tan Boost technology, a unique blend of actives that penetrate deep into the skin and encourages an increase in melanin production. Incorporate this into your daily routine so your skin can be supercharged with all the nutrients it needs to rapidly accelerate and deepen your tan.


3. Make the most of what you’ve got.

For those of us fortunate enough to have a balcony or a backyard, developing a deep, dark tan will be easy. Throw down a blanket or a towel and set yourself up a little ‘tanning zone’ where you can catch some rays. Try going without sunscreen for 10-30 minutes (depending on your sensitivity to the sun) before applying sunscreen. This will not only help accelerate your tan but will ensure your body is creating adequate vitamin D which is crucial for your immune system and mental health.


If you don’t have a balcony or backyard or are unable to lay in direct sunlight - you can also bask in the sunlight of a window. While the glass of the window does restrict some UV, you should still be able to see some results from laying in an indoor beam of light.

Good enough for cats, good enough for us.


4. Don’t skimp on the SPF

We’re all going to have a little extra time on our hands - so it could be easy to over-do it in the sun (ie: falling asleep in our backyard!) Summer is right around the corner and it’s the time of year when the sun’s UV rays are the strongest. If you plan on staying in the sun for more than 30 mins, we strongly suggest using sunscreen to protect yourself from burning. If you still want to keep your tan going strong; use Tan Smart - our mineral broad-spectrum sunscreen with the same tan-boosting technology found in Base Tan. This way, you can still support natural melanin production while also protecting your skin.

5. Restore and repair

Take the time to de-stress and wind-down from a day of aggressive hand-washing and looking out the window by pouring yourself a bath or taking a nice hot shower. Since you’ve spent some time in the sun, your skin has been exposed to UV rays which have an oxidative effect on the skin. Once your nice and squeaky-clean, now is the best time to load up your skin with soothing anti-inflammatories and anti-oxidants. Over Exposed is perfect for this as it’s chock-full of nourishing tropical ingredients plus added  Tasmanian Pepper extract which helps to reduce inflammation and calm the skin.


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