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We believe in living life to the fullest

And we're tired of brands encouraging irresponsibility. The truth is, sunburns can be dangerous - and if you're not careful they can lead to some serious health hazards. 

But we're not ones to hide under a rock our whole lives out of fear, no way. 

At Tropic Labs, we believe that we don't have to sacrifice everything we enjoy in order to properly take care of ourselves. 

Our mission is to educate every sun-seeker on the new, smart way to tan. 

Having tanned skin has been idolized for decades, but that doesn't mean we should neglect taking care of ourselves in the name of beauty. 

We strictly encourage sun safety and we will never make claims about our products that we can’t back up with science. 

Every ingredient that goes into each of our formulas serves a purpose and is thoroughly evaluated for efficacy and safety. We are also committed to full ingredient transparency - we promise to always tell you what goes into each product and why.

We care about our bodies and our planet.

From our ingredients right down to our packaging, no detail has gone overlooked. We strive to ensure that our products are not polluting our bodies or our ecosystems. 

We don't believe in 'free-from' claims and we don't fall prey to the fear-mongering that takes place in the beauty industry. All of our products are guaranteed to be crafted from only the highest-quality ingredients, reef-safe and packaged in fully recyclable materials. 

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Our Ingredients
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We believe in being stewards of the planet and supporting the health of our natural ecosystems.

Most people don’t recognize the major impact the products we choose can have on the environment, and the fact is, we need to start making better decisions about the products we manufacture and consume.

Check out our blog for the surprising impact traditional sunscreens are having on our coral reefs.  

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