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I do not tan easily, can I use your products?

Absolutely! Our products were designed for all skin tones to reach their optimum tanning potential. Keep in mind, however, the lighter your skin, the less melanin your body can naturally produce so results may vary depending on your complexion.

Do these products contain self-tanner?

No way! We hate self-tanners just as much as you do. They’re smelly, streaky and messy – which is why all of our products are 100% DHA-free and the tan you get is 100% all YOU.

Why can’t I just use tanning oil?

Step away from the cooking spray! Tanning oils are typically nothing more than glorified cooking oils, and while they may help accelerate a tan, they also significantly intensify the UV light that reaches your skin. This means you're more likely to burn than to tan. Play it safe, and ALWAYS use broad-spectrum UV protection.

How dark can I expect to get?

Results can vary from person to person, based off your individual capacity to produce melanin. Those with fairer complexions can expect a deep, radiant glow while those with olive or darker complexion can expect to achieve those creamy, chocolate shades.

Can I use Base Tan in a tanning bed?

Short answer- you COULD. Would we recommend it? Absolutely not. Tanning beds have been proven time and time again to be extremely dangerous. They expose your skin to incredibly high levels of UV light in a short time frame and they significantly increase your risk of developing skin cancer.

Are your products vegan?

100% - We love our furry/scaly/feathered friends and we never use animal products or by-products in any of our formulas. And of course, we never test on animals!

Do I have to use all the products to see results?

Our products are designed to be most effective when used together to help you achieve your maximum tan with minimal time in the sun – however, it’s perfectly fine to use them independently as well.

Both Base Tan & Tan Smart contain our proprietary Tan Boost Technology, the main difference is one is a nourishing body lotion while the other offers sun protection

**Just remember, if you are using Base Tan alone, we always recommend applying SPF of at least 20 if you plan on spending any significant time in the sun. **

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