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The world has changed so quickly around us - why haven't our sun products followed suit?

Lathering yourself in tanning oil is not only messy an inconvenient - it's flat out dangerous. No surprise here, it comes from an era when smoking was considered 'good for you'.

At Tropic Labs we want to challenge the way you think about sun care.

Follow these 4 Golden Rules and you'll stay glowing and healthy all year-long. 

Golden Rule #1

Always prepare your skin.

The first step of of our system is to prepare, prepare, prepare.

You wouldn’t bleach your hair from black to platinum in one go and expect to maintain incredibly healthy hair would you? Of course not - so why would you treat your skin any different?

Base Tan is about to be your new best friend. This richly hydrating body lotion is intended for daily use and feeds your skin all the nutrition it needs to be able achieve your maximum tan.

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Golden Rule #2

Never neglect SPF.

Tan Smart is for when you plan on spending time in the sun. It has all the same enriching properties of our signature Base Tan body lotion, including the proprietary Tan Boost technology, with an added SPF 20 to help protect you during your time outdoors.

It’s a lightweight, hydrating, mineral, reef-safe sunscreen that you can take anywhere, to the pool, the beach.. anytime you know you’ll be in the sun - reach for Tan Smart.

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Golden Rule #3

After-sun is a must.

There’s no doubt that the sun can wreak havoc on your skin. If you’ve properly prepared and protected - you shouldn’t end up a burn. But life isn’t perfect and sometimes accidents happen. That’s where Over Exposed comes into play.

But this isn’t only for ‘uh-oh’ moments where you’re really red and crispy. We say our after-sun is a must because its loaded with powerful antioxidants and repairing peptides that help bring your skin back to neutral after sun exposure. And should you happen to be ‘feeling the burn’, you can count on Over Exposed to rapidly reduce redness and take the sting out of a sunburn.

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Golden Rule #4

No sun beds. Ever.

This one should go without saying. We’re all smart cookies here at Tropic Labs and we would never encourage the use of sun-beds. There is a reason they have been banned in countries all around the world - it’s because they’re VERY dangerous.

We hope that our new approach to sun tanning will help convert any of you who remain dependent on sun-beds by helping you get the real dark tan that you crave, safely.

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