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First things first...

We promise our products...

...smell fantastic!

...make your skin feel amazing!

...are 100% reef-safe

...are vegan and have never been tested on animals

About us

Sun care for real life.

We get it, you love the sun and we do too.
But we were tired of having to choose between soaking up the sun and taking care of our skin.

We knew there had to be a better (and safer) way to tan. So we swapped out our bikinis for lab coats and set out to change the way you think about sun care.

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What sets us apart from the rest:

Tropical PhytoComplexTM

A custom blend of 11 exotic tropical fruit oils from around the world. Each carefully selected for specific sun-redeeming benefits.

Tan Boost TechnologyTM

Our exclusive tanning active boosts natural melanin production which helps you get darker, faster - with less time in the sun.

Born in the Lab

Raised in the Sun

No Fake Tan. No Gimmicks.

Just healthy,
radiant skin.

Tannings oils are dangerous and fake-tan just plain stinks. Our unique approach to sun care delivers fast results while keeping your skin smooth and protected.

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Proud Sponsor

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Protecting our oceans, protecting our future.

Tropic Labs proudly sponsors the world's largest reef restoration organization based out of Key West, Florida. To date, they have farmed and outplanted over 100,000 corals in the Florida Reef Tract. A portion of every sale is contributed to the CRF's crucial mission.