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  • Will these products actually make me tan?

    For sure! We’ve developed cutting-edge sun care that’s based on modern science and the natural power of botanicals.

  • I don’t tan easily, will this still work?

    Yes! We had this in mind when formulating. Our proprietary Tan Boost Technology™ helps boost melanin production, so you’ll be tanning smarter not harder.

  • Do your products contain bronzers or self tanner?

    Nope! We aren’t trying to dye your skin. The bronze glow you’ll develop with our products will be all you babe.

  • What’s the difference between your products and tanning oil?

    Short answer: a lot. We aren’t trying to fry your skin like a traditional oil would. We’re using our proprietary Tan Boost Technology™ to help boost melanin production, so you’re tanning smarter and safer.

  • Will Base Tan turn my hands or skin orange?

    Not even the slightest. Base Tan isn’t a self-tanner that’s dyeing your skin, it’s a nourishing lotion that helps boost melanin production to achieve a bronzed bod.

  • How dark will I get?

    Each person’s melanin production is different. By using our Tan Boost Technology™ you’ll be tanning safer by helping to decrease the time you’ll need to spend in the sun.

  • What does Base Tan/Tan Smart smell like?

    Being certified beach bums, we’ve mastered bottling the essence of a tropical vacation. Base Tan and Tan Smart carries our signature banana scent - sweet, soft and totally tropical.

  • How often do I need to use Base Tan to see results?

    While science can’t put an exact timeline on results because everyone’s skin is different, we’d recommend using Base Tan daily for a minimum of 5-7 days before prolonged sun exposure. This will help increase melanin production to its fullest potential.

  • Is Tan Smart waterproof or water resistant?

    Yes, Tan Smart is has an 80 minute water resistance rating. But do be sure to re-apply after towel drying!

  • What’s the difference between Over Exposed and aloe gel?

    Think of it as a supercharged aloe gel. We’ve taken the best parts of aloe and amping it up with healing neuro-peptides and 11 soothing natural oils and butters. Your sunburnt skin will thank you.

  • Can children or teens use Over Exposed?

    Totally! When formulating Over Exposed, we were thinking of every person, little or big, who has ever been a little too crispy after a long day in the sun.

  • What does Over Exposed smell like?

    We’ve all been there; crispy, hot and miserable. Over Exposed uses only peppermint essential oil for fragrance, which not only helps soothe topically but mentally as well. Ahh.

  • Is Tan Smart Reef Safe?

    Absolutely! We use only non-nano zinc in our sunscreen formulation and we never use reef-damaging ingredients like Oxybenzone or Octinoxate. We are also a proud sponsor of the Coral Restoration Foundation, the world's largest coral restoration effort.

  • Do I have to use both products at the same time?

    Somethings are just better together; like the beach and rosé! While our products don’t have to be used together, we specially formulated them to compliment your pre, during and post sun routine.

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  • Is your fragrance Phthalate free?

    Absolutely! Phthalates are known carcinogens and we would never include them in our products.

  • Why is there fragrance in your product?

    When it comes to fragrance in products, there are only two categories; essential oils or synthetic fragrance chemicals. Over Exposed uses strictly essential oils (Peppermint) to fragrance the product, whereas in Base Tan & Tan Smart we opted to use a synthetic fragrance. As you know Base Tan & Tan Smart are intended to be used in/around sun exposure -and this called for synthetics for two reasons; 1. Many essential oils are photosensitizing - meaning they can increase your sensitivity to the sun 2. Essential oils are very volatile and can rapidly destabilize a product formulation when exposed to heat or UV, thereby reducing its safety and effectiveness. Our fragrance blend was custom-made for us by an FDA approved facility in the USA, and we were sure to make safety a top priority when designing it. While we always strive to use strictly natural ingredients as much as possible, safety and effectiveness are crucial and we wanted to create products that we could 100% stand behind and that provide maximum benefits.

  • What is Tan Boost Technology? How does it work?

    Tan Boost Technology is our proprietary blend of melanin-boosting ingredients including Tyrosine, the amino necessary for melanin production. Melanin is your body’s ’built-in’ protection from sunburns, its first defense against UV rays, and is what gives our skin its colour. The darker your skin, the more melanin naturally present in your body. When you apply products containing our Tan Boost Technology to the skin, you are 'feeding' your skin the essential amino acids it needs to boost melanin production. Resulting in a deeper tan, with less sun exposure required.

  • What's in your Tropical PhytoComplex?

    This is our proprietary blend of 11 exotic oils and butters from tropical fruits and nuts. For more information on each ingredient, check out The Lab page

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  • How long will it take to get my order?

    We offer different shipping speeds. If you’re heading out on your vacation STAT, we’d recommend upgrading your shipping speed. PRO TIP: We can ship anywhere in the US, Canada or UK! It might not make it to your doorstep in time, but we can ship directly to a hotel to be there for when you arrive.

  • Do you have free shipping?

    Yes! We offer free shipping on all orders over $50 within the US. Plus, any order over $99 automatically gets free express shipping!

  • Can I return the order?

    Unfortunately, we can’t accept returns due to health regulations. If you aren’t happy with your order, reach out to our team at so we can remedy this right away.

  • Where do you ship?

    We currently ship to all of the US, Canada and the UK

  • How fast is your shipping?

    We aim to process and ship all our orders within 24-48 hours of order placement. US standard shipping time averages between 3-4 business days from processing US Express shipping averages between 1-2 business days from processing. International Orders ship via DHL and typically average between 4-12 business days depending on the region.

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  • Want to collab?

    Thanks so much for thinking of us! We’d love to hear from you. Please reach out directly to

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