We endeavor to make every element of our brand as minimally impactful on the planet as possible.

We embrace our role in protecting and restoring stability, integrity and beauty to the environment that inspires us.


Removing 2x our plastic footprint.

Through our partnership with rePurpose Global, we empower waste workers to fight plastic pollution in their communities, supporting ethical wages, and providing all its products at a net negative plastic footprint. For every sale we make, we ‘purchase credits’ which serve to remove plastic waste that would have otherwise not been collected. We have pledged to remove 2x the amount of plastic we produce.FIND OUT MORE


Our Packaging

Our packaging is fully-recyclable and we strive to eliminate all excess and unnecessary waste wherever possible. Our packaging is pretty unique. It uses less plastic than the most commonly-used bodycare bottles and has a completely metal-free pump, which means the whole thing can be tossed in your curbside recycling! Since it’s more compact and uses less plastic, it also has a lower carbon footprint, which trickles down to our overall costs, so saves you a little extra too.



Our Ingredients

All our raw materials and ingredients have been thoroughly evaluated for long-term sustainability. We will not include ingredients that are known to exploit either the environment or laborers.




Protecting our oceans.

We are proud sponsors of Florida’s Coral Restoration Foundation — the world’s largest reef restoration organization. To date, they have farmed and outplanted more than 100,000 corals in the Florida Reef Tract.

A portion of each of our sales goes to CRF’s crucial mission. Protecting our oceans is protecting our future.

All our packaging is 100% recyclable

Just make sure to clean and dry your empties first 🙂 then simply put them to your recycling bin

Get creative and reuse our packaging

Turn our empties into a nice organiser or planter. We’d love to see what you come up with. Tag #tropiclabs

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Give yourself a little island time
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