Discovering Body Gua Sha: The Real Benefits & Side Effects Explained


Aug 30, 20234 min read


  • Body Gua Sha, a therapeutic technique that uses a unique tool to invigorate circulation and rejuvenate the body.
  • Originating from ancient China, Gua Sha has been a holistic wellness staple for millennia.
  • The technique offers multiple benefits like lymphatic drainage, muscle relaxation, and promoting a youthful glow.
  • Using the Washed Up - All-In-One shower oil enhances the Body Gua Sha experience, ensuring smooth, nourished skin.
  • Consistent Body Gua Sha practice, with the right technique, leads to visible skin improvements over time.

You might have brushed up against the magic of facial Gua Sha, but have you ventured into the realm of Body Gua Sha? While both share a common origin and practice, the benefits of Body Gua Sha are manifold and deep-rooted in ancient wellness traditions.

What is Body Gua Sha?

At its core, Body Gua Sha is a revered therapeutic technique from the annals of traditional Chinese medicine. Using a unique tool, often carved from jade or rose quartz, this method focuses on scraping the skin to invigorate circulation and revitalize the body.

The Origins: Where Does Gua Sha Come From?

Gua Sha's practice is as old as time, finding its inception in ancient China. Esteemed for millennia, it was a holistic approach to healing, melding the physical and the spiritual into one harmonious dance.

Gua Sha Origins Chinese Medicine
Image retrieved from Pinterest Profile: Taoist center "Dao De" Followers: 4.1k

The Magic Unveiled: What Does Body Gua Sha Do?


The beauty of Body Gua Sha lies in its multifaceted benefits. While promoting lymphatic drainage, it plays a pivotal role in releasing muscle tension and ushering in unparalleled relaxation. Consistent sessions can lead to skin that's not only firmer but radiates with a youthful glow.

Mastering the Art: How to Use Body Gua Sha

Before embarking on your Body Gua Sha journey, arm yourself with a reliable Gua Sha tool and a lubricant. Our recommendation? The Washed Up - All-In-One shower oil. Its nourishing properties ensure your skin is treated with care, making the Gua Sha glide effortless. Here's a simple guide:

  1. Post-shower, lavish your skin with the Washed Up shower oil.

  2. Grasp your Gua Sha tool, initiating with sweeping strokes on limbs and encircling the joints, always directing the movements towards the heart.

  3. Moderate the pressure to your comfort – it should feel therapeutic, not painful.

How to use body gua sha in your body to eliminate cellulite
Original image from Tropic Labs.


    Addressing the Myths: Can Gua Sha be Harmful? Will it Cause Wrinkles?

    With proper technique, Gua Sha is a sanctuary for your skin. Overexertion can lead to skin irritation, but when done right, wrinkles won't come knocking. Instead, by fostering skin elasticity, Gua Sha champions a youthful vibrancy.

    Finding Your Match: Which Gua Sha Should You Get?

    The choice of a Gua Sha tool is personal. Find one that resonates with you, aligning with your body's unique contours. The chill of jade or the soft allure of rose quartz are favored picks.

    Image retrieved from Baythe Swim Brand: BAYTHE

    Patience is Radiance: When Does Gua Sha Show Results?

    Though the tranquillity of Gua Sha is immediate, visible transformations, like enhanced skin tone, require dedication. Regularity is your ally in this journey.

    Body Gua Sha, with its historic richness and skin-revitalizing prowess, awaits you. Elevate your body care ritual with our Washed Up shower oil and witness a metamorphosis into luminous, silken skin.

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