Get the Perfect Bridal Tan: Tips and Tricks for a Gorgeous Glow on Your Wedding Day


Jul 19, 20238 min read


  • Achieve the perfect bridal tan for your wedding day with these expert tips and tricks.
  • Avoid the risks of tanning beds and opt for safer alternatives.
  • Stay protected from the sun while enhancing your natural bronze with Tropic Labs' Base Tan and Smart Screen products.
  • Soothe and reduce redness by restoring your skin's moisture with an antioxidant-rich after-sun concentrate like our Over Exposed

It’s no secret that there is a lot of pressure when it comes to wanting to look 'perfect' in your wedding dress. A subtle bridal glow can help you feel less washed out in your gown, even out your skin tone, and brighten up your teeth, naturally.

If you're heading down the aisle shortly, you may be considering your tanning options, including indoor tanning, spray tanning, and self-tanners. The problem with these methods is they are extremely dangerous, can result in uncomfortable sunburns, or risk leaving orange stains on arguably the most important outfit you’ll wear...ever! (Not to mention, getting naked in front of a stranger is probably not very high up on your to-do list.)

Fear not, Tropic Labs is here to give you our expertly curated tips and tricks to achieving the perfect tan for your wedding...minus the streaks, sun damage, and self-tanner smells.

DO: Exfoliate with a Dual Action Body Scrub

Just like makeup, your suntan will look more even and seamless if you start with a blank canvas. One of the best ways to achieve this is with a high-quality body scrub that can physically and chemically exfoliate. Our White Sands Dual Action Body Scrub is the perfect scrub ideal for sensitive skin. Enriched with gentle exfoliating fruit acids and naturally polishing white quartz sand granules, this zesty shower bestie leaves you feeling smooth as a dolphin, preparing your skin for a beautiful tan.

DO NOT: Use a Tanning Bed

We strongly advise against using tanning booths and beds that expose your skin to high amounts of damaging ultraviolet light. Tanning beds can cause irreversible damage, including premature aging, cataracts, and immune suppression. Your skin's health is our priority, so skip the tanning bed and opt for safer alternatives.

Do not use dangerous tanning beds

DO: Calculate Your Sun Exposure Time

Planning how much time you spend in the sun each day leading up to your wedding is crucial for achieving the perfect tan. Take into account your skin type, natural skin color, climate, and proximity to the equator. Gradually build up your tan over several weeks, avoiding excessive UV exposure close to your wedding day. To maximize your tanning potential, consider using our Base Tan Tan Boosting Body Lotion. It stimulates melanin production, helping you achieve a darker tan in less time.

DO NOT: Forget Sun Protection

Achieving a beautiful tan doesn't mean sacrificing sun protection. Use our Smart Screen Mineral Tanning Sunscreen, a water-resistant broad-spectrum mineral sunscreen. It provides vital sun protection while enhancing your natural bronze. Unlike other self-tanning lotions, our Smart Screen contains no bronzers, ensuring that the gorgeous glow you'll achieve is 100% your own. Don't forget to protect your delicate eyelids with tanning goggles to avoid raccoon-eye tan lines.

DO: Stay Hydrated and Avoid Alcohol

Keeping your skin hydrated is essential for a long-lasting, even tan. Drink plenty of water before, during, and after your tanning sessions to prevent dryness and flakiness. Avoid excessive alcohol consumption, as it can dehydrate your skin and increase the risk of sunburn.

DO NOT: Fall Asleep Under the Sun

While the warmth of the sun can be intoxicating, it's important to avoid falling asleep while sunbathing. Changing positions frequently and staying aware of your body's exposure can prevent uneven tan lines and potential burns. Instead of napping, enjoy some music or read a magazine to stay sun-safe.

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DO: Opt for Tan Line-Free Swimsuits

Avoid tan lines by choosing swimsuits that won't leave noticeable marks. Try on your wedding dress and have a friend use an eyeliner pencil to mark where the dress ends and your skin begins. Match these marks with a swimsuit style that covers the necessary areas while allowing you to get a tan in all the right places.

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DO NOT: Neglect Moisture After Sun Exposure

After spending time in the sun, soothe and restore your skin's moisture with an antioxidant-rich after-sun concentrate like our Over Exposed After-sun Concentrate. Packed with powerful peptides and natural nutrients, it quickly reduces redness, soothes irritation, and replenishes moisture, ensuring your skin stays healthy and nourished.

Remember, achieving the perfect bridal tan takes time and care. Following these tips will help you achieve a beautiful, natural-looking glow for your special day. Take care of your skin, protect it from harmful UV rays, and embrace your radiant bridal beauty.


  1. Should I use Base Tan or Smart Screen for my wedding tan?

    • Both products can enhance your tan, Base Tan is the prepping lotion that boosts melanin production before sun exposure while Smart Screen provides sun protection plus boosting your skin's natural ability to tan. Consider using both for optimal results.

  2. How long before my wedding should I start building my tan?

    • Begin building your tan at least 5-7 days before your wedding to allow time for a darker tan to develop gradually.

  3. Can I tan the day before my wedding?

    • It's not recommended to tan the day before your wedding to avoid any potential last-minute mishaps or uneven results.

  4. Can I use regular sunglasses instead of tanning goggles?

    • Regular sunglasses do not provide adequate protection for your eyelids. Invest in tanning goggles to shield your corneas and avoid tan lines around the eyes.

  5. How can I ensure an even tan without streaks?

    • Proper exfoliation, gradual sun exposure, and using high-quality tanning products can help you achieve an even and streak-free tan.

By following these tips and using our recommended products, you'll be well on your way to achieving the perfect bridal tan, leaving you feeling confident and radiant on your special day. Let Tropic Labs be your trusted guide to a flawless and safe wedding tan.

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