Here’s How To Make Your Tan Last 'So Much' Longer


Sep 06, 20236 min read


  • Tanning is your skin's defense against UV rays, with melanin production resulting in a bronzed hue.
  • For a deep, lasting tan, start with the Base Tan Boosting Body Lotion to boost melanin production before sun exposure.
  • Safeguard your tan with regular sunscreen application, and enhance it with Tropic Labs' mineral Tanning Sunscreen SPF 22.
  • Prolong your glow with gradual tanning, hydration, dietary choices rich in beta-carotene, and avoiding hot baths.
  • Unexpected tip: Regular exfoliation can reveal fresher tanned skin, extending your sun-kissed look.

Winter looms on the horizon. Staring at your reflection, do you find yourself asking, "How can I maintain this golden glow when the sun is on vacation?" or "Can these tan lines withstand the frosty months?" If you're curious about how long does a tan last or what constitutes what is a tan, rest easy. Dive in with us as we explore the science behind a tan and impart coveted secrets to ensure your summer radiance warms you through winter.

What Is A Tan, Anyway?

A tan is your skin’s armor against the sun's ultraviolet rays. In response to the sun, your skin amplifies its melanin production, a pigment that imparts color to our skin. This process results in the treasured bronzed hue we chase after.


the Process of Tanning

The Science Behind A Tan

Why does our cherished tan fade? Our skin’s outer layer, the epidermis, is perpetually renewing, shedding old cells in the process. With this shedding, the sun-kissed skin also disappears, causing the tan to gradually wane. The duration of a tan is influenced by factors like hydration, natural cell turnover, and exfoliation practices.

Top 5 Tanning Mistakes You're Probably Making
Top 5 Tanning Mistakes You're Probably Making

Can Tan Lines Last for Months?

Technically, with intense melanin production and precautions to reduce skin shedding, tan lines can linger for months. However, for many, without diligent care, the tan typically starts diminishing in a few weeks.

Tan Line natural tan in a brown bikini

Tips for Making Your Tan Last Longer

  1. A Good Tan Starts Before Sun Exposure:
    The foundation of a lasting tan is laid before you even step out in the sun. Use our Base Tan Tan Boosting Body Lotion with Tan Boost Technology™ to elevate melanin production, facilitating a deeper tan in less time and with less sun damage. By ‘feeding’ your skin with essential amino acids before sun exposure, Base Tan gears it up for an enhanced tanning experience.

  2. Safeguard with Sunscreen:
    The best tan is one without a burn. Regular sunscreen application minimizes UV damage and prevents peeling, which can reduce your tan's longevity. Our Smart Screen mineral Tanning Sunscreen SPF 22 not only shields you from the sun but, thanks to our Tan Boost Technology™, it further promotes a lasting, natural tan.


  3. A gradual tan is better than no tan.
    Prolonging your sun-kissed glow is all about a gradual tan. Unlike instant tanners, which can fade unevenly and sometimes abruptly, a gradual natural tan builds melanin in your skin slowly, ensuring a more natural and harmonious transition without unnecessary damage to your skin. This progressive deepening of hue allows for better control over the desired intensity and a more uniform fade. In essence, choosing a gradual tan is like opting for a slow and steady infusion of melanin, which ensures your bronzed look remains consistent and prolonged, rather than a quick fix that may end up with a burn or peeling.

  4. Hydration is Key:
    Just like a plant needs water to thrive, your skin requires hydration to maintain its glow. Moisturized skin retains its tan longer, as it slows down the natural exfoliation process. Drink plenty of water and moisturize daily to keep that sun-kissed look vibrant.

  5. Moisture, moisture, moisture!
    There is no better way to extend that sultry-summer-skin-feeling than with a lightweight moisturizing lotion. Boost your routine with a touch of indulgence. After your sun-filled escapades, level up by embracing High Tide In-Shower Moisturizer daily. Infused with our enchanting Coconut Orchid scent, it envelops your skin in deep hydration while transporting you back to balmy beach days with its gentle floral and comforting nutty notes. Who else feels like they're back on vacation?

  6. Dietary Choices:
    What you eat can influence your tan's durability. Foods rich in beta-carotene such as carrots, sweet potatoes, and kale can enhance skin luminosity and prolong your tan's life.

    Beta-carotene is a type of substance called a carotenoid. Carrots and carrot juice

  7. Avoid Hot Baths:
    While tempting, especially in colder months, hot baths can expedite skin's exfoliation process. Opt for lukewarm showers and gentle cleansers to maintain the skin's natural oils and extend your tan's lifespan.

    Photo of a bath with hot water coming out of it and steam.

  8. Exfoliation – The Unexpected Friend:
    It might seem counterintuitive, but exfoliating once every two weeks can help your tan last longer. By removing the top layer of dead skin cells, you’re helping to reveal fresher, tanned skin underneath, giving your glow an extended lease on life.

    Does exfoliating before tanning really give you that flawlessly even tan?

    Extending your summer glow into winter is an art backed by science. Armed with these tips and Tropic Labs’ range of stellar products, your radiant tan is set to defy the cold, ensuring you shimmer all season long.
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