Oils, Potions & Tik Tok Tanning Lotions | Self Tanning Trends to AVOID this Summer


Apr 14, 20237 min read

  • We believe your skin safety should not be dictated by what’s trending on an app.
  • Ditch the kitchen experiment and the stinky self-tanner and instead, save your sanity (and your bedsheets) bu using a Tan accelerator.
  • The days are getting longer, the weather is getting warmer, and the desire to get the F out of the house is getting #TooReal! With most Americans still stuck at home, most of us have severe cases of boredom, and if you’re anything like us, you’re binge watching viral Tik Toks (and maybe even contemplating jumping on a Tik Tok trend or two.)

    We believe your skin safety should not be dictated by what’s trending on an app, and the experts at Tropic Labs are here to provide the breakdown on the Tik Tok Tanning Lotion and other damaging self-tanning methods, so you can achieve a healthy glow, that will have you ready for your viral video debut!

    Let’s start with Oil… Is coconut oil good for tanning?


    Is Coconut Oil Good For Tanning?


    It seems one day the world woke up and decided coconut oil was ALL. THE. RAGE.

    Oil up your scalp, throw on a shower cap, and wake up with hair that looks like you just stepped foot off the set of a shampoo commercial. It really does moisturize the hell out of dry skin and hair, but what’s the TRUTH about coconut oil and complexion? Is coconut oil good for tanning?

    In short, no. 

    Using oil-based products such as coconut oil or mineral oil (commonly referred to as baby oil) is an age-old tanning habit, that’s pretty much just flat out BAD for your skin. But it’s important to be conscious of the harmful effects oils can have on your skin when trying to get a tan.

    Oil reflects light, which directly attracts and intensifies the sun's rays, allowing the UVA and UVB rays to penetrate deeper into the skin. Right about now, you may be asking yourself, “does oil protect my skin from the sun?” Well, yes but not NEARLY enough. According to one study, coconut, peanut, olive, and cottonseed oil block somewhere around 20 percent of UV rays. [1]

    Looking to achieve a dark tan and moisturize your skin at the same time? With 11 natural oils and butters from exotic tropical fruits and nuts, Base Tan is a great everyday moisturizing lotion. These amazing ingredients feed’ your skin the essential amino acids it needs to support melanin production.

    DIY Homemade Tanning Lotion


    Homemade Tanning Lotion


    Some people opt to create their own DIY Self-Tan mixture to avoid spending time in the sun or because they want a more “natural” looking glow, than the orange fake bake that bottled self tanners are known for.

    Just the thought of this makes us cringe to our very core. But, we wouldn’t be writing this cautionary tale if we didn’t see some people soaking their skin in coffee and other commonly found ingredients. (Like...WHY!?)

    Mixing up your own concoction of coffee, cocoa powder, or black tea, may sound like an easy and fairly cheap way to self tan, but trust us, it’s a #fail waiting to happen. We really only have one word for this method…


    Nuff said, right? 

    If you’re looking to spend less time in the sun, ditch the kitchen experiment and switch to Tan Smart. 

    Tan Smart was meant to bridge the gap between dangerous tanning habits and messy self-tanner! Using Tropic Labs proprietary Tan Boost Technology,™ Tan Smart enhances your glow with natural ingredients, allowing you to achieve your maximum bronze glow with less time spent in the sun.

    But what about the Viral Tik Tok Tanning Lotion?


    Tik Tok Tanning Lotion


    Whether you’re a seasoned Self Tanning champ or just recently found out about the Tik Tok Tanning Lotion, there are a multitude of red flags with these products that you need to watch out for, if not completely avoid all together.

    A self tanning product is nothing without thorough prep work, but who has the time to exfoliate, shave, shower, and dry off every last drop of water?! And you better not even think about washing your hands for the next 7+, because of the fear that the water might drip down your forearm. (Not a very COVID-friendly tanning method, if you ask us.) If you can get over ALLLLL that prep work, for stained hands and elbows, allow us to remind you of the distinct smell of DHA. If you’re using a tanning water, bronzer, or the Tik Tok Tanning Lotion, the smell DHA WILL most definitely be prevalent… or even worse, hidden behind potent aromas. 

    The most notable reason we do not suggest bronzers, such as the Tik Tok Tanning Lotion is because bronzers do not contain any protection from the UVA and UVB rays that the sun emits. [2] No matter how glowing your self tan is, any time spent outside will still cause your skin to burn, because the tan you have is essentially just a coating on top of your skin.  

    Save your sanity (and your bed sheets) and stick with your trusty Smart Screen!



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